what we do

BizVision assists early stage companies get their project off

the ground. We also work with established companies that want affordable outside expertise.

Any business would be wise to

retain the start-up mindset.


You can think of It as a clearing house for resources that businesses need as their project progresses from the idea stage toward

creating the legal entity, setting up the infrastructure and bringing the product or service to

market. For established companies, we help them look for additional profit opportunities and ways to cut business costs.


Only purchase those services that you need and what fits your budget. Fees are determined by project size and services obtained.  


 Pay as you go, at the pace you set




Chose Only The Consulting Options You Need

Pay As You Go.  Affordable Terms

 Market Building & Sales
 Business Analysis
  • Concept Vetting

  • Capitalization Options

  • Business Planning

  • Competition Analysis


  • Advertising

  • Marketing

  • Market Analysis

  • Sales Planning

  • Public Relations



Branding & Corporate Image
  • Corporate Image

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Building

  • Card-Brochure Design

  • Printing


Web & Social Media
  • Website Development

  • Web Presence/Domain

  • SEO/Google Adwords

  • Social Media Ad Strategy

 Infrastructure Planning
  • IT/Email/Phone Services

  • Staffing-Payroll

  • Accounting

  • Bookkeeping

  • Outsource Resources

Business Entity Start Up
  • Incorportation Process

  • Tax Implications

  • Legal/Contracting

  • Business Mentoring